Friday, January 10, 2014

thanksgiving photos, mostly because it's january, so yes

Happy Thanksgiving! We had twenty-six people eating dinner in my dad's shop, and if the full roster of "family I grew up with" had been in attendance, there would have been another eleven (Womacks, we miss ye). IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

So much fun that I barely took any pictures. The camera was out on Wednesday, and that might have been it!

Audrey was enamored with Blake, and Maddox got in on the action for a little bit.

"You are fun!"
"No, YOU are fun!"

At one point, this happened. There was so much going on in this photo with color, objects, textures, Angry Birds, text messages, and web surfing. Pretty cool? Pretty sad? 

The kids and I attended the grand opening/dedication of Blake's school! Vesper is a bit sweaty because the blanket sleeper is overkill in the warm school, but she can't take them off yet, so they are also a very safe bet when in public.

We gave Vesper a stool for something. She was DELIGHTED, tucked it into this corner, and camped out for large portions of the day, grabbing the red buttoned cord on the floor and making our Christmas tree into a multi-colored strobe light, eating her snack, or just sucking her thumb and practicing sitting down ON the stool instead of ALMOST on the stool.

Thursday, January 2, 2014