Wednesday, September 23, 2015

a little bit of this, a little bit of that

From April, when we flew Becky down to watch the kids for a weekend.
We got to feed the giraffes, or "Melman," as Vesper corrects me.
Aunt April was suitably impressed and proud of Windsor's determination in getting her hands on booze.
Fresh Play-Doh!
Last year's biography report. We all learned more about Nikola Tesla.
From starting solids to now shoveling strawberries in all by herself, Windsor continues to grow and charm us, except for when she has a temper fit. Those are the worst, loud and screamy.
We had a visitor from the Dark Side. Maybe that's what killed ALL my plants?
My friend Jill came to town and we schmoozed in the pool.
Bunny pic with MY old baby dress.
"I have to feed my baby."
Man-child. He hates it here in AZ, but we're praying for more friends, a better attitude, and help with adjusting. And, I reminded him that he'd have to take the trash out in MT, too, so blaming AZ for that is just unfair.
She's up to four top teeth, two bottom.
The 10-month bunny pic. Got one to do today, then only one more left at one year. /sniff
She's improved by leaps and bounds with her comfort in the water, but we still need lots of lessons.

Vesper continues to accumulate a vast array of strange items she likes to snuggle with. Her latest trick is to sneak small things under her pillow to sleep with. These items are usually Blake's and not particularly cuddly. I have discovered LEGO figurines or random pieces, a light-up bouncy ball, Nerf guns, B's practice butterfly knife, among other errata. Last night, as I removed a small handful of LEGO cannon balls, she tearily asked what she COULD sleep with. As I was on the ragged edge and trying to get out of the darkened room, I looked around in vain for something of hers, then tugged open her drawer and handed her a clean pair of undies. She happily tucked them under her pillow and snuggled in for the night. Hours later, during my nightly, pre-bed rounds, I noticed that the drawer was still open. Going to close it, I saw that it was also empty. Yep. That little girl stuffed another two dozen pairs of pastel panties under her pillow. And just today, this old photo cropped up in my Facebook feed, from one year ago:
She has a number of lovely dolls to choose from, but this is her "baby" of choice. She is currently crouched over it, kissing it and murmuring "Baby, it's ok!"