Friday, October 3, 2014

just a touch of panic

I wouldn't let Vesper play with my phone today. I got a smartphone back in July, and she loves it, despite me being adamant that it is NOT A TOY, and GIVE THAT BACK, PLEASE.

Last week, I did let her play with it while we were at the doctor. I thought it was locked, but upon leaving the appointment, I got a text from Lane, asking if I actually wanted to chat with her, or if my purse/butt/daughter had placed the two calls.

Apparently, having one's cervix checked is an absolute gas. More likely: I make jokes when I feel awkward. As of the appointment today (where she did NOT have my phone), I am barely dilated at 37 weeks. I've been telling folks that I want to reach 38 weeks (that's this coming Thursday), then we can all start praying for deliverance. Because delivery = deliverance. Join me, won't you?