Sunday, November 18, 2007

i am not blue

Since both my folks thought my last three posts sounded blue, I just need to set the record straight:
Post 1: Monday, Nov. 12 - tired, frustrated at the repeat wakings, but tickled with his pirate ship and pirate sayings.
Post 2: Friday, Nov. 16 - blue, lonely, with a face that hurt from braces and a head cold starting to move in.
Post 3: Saturday, Nov. 17 - entertained by Blake's thought processes, which then sparked a fun memory...head cold definitely settled in...but pretty cheerful, on the whole.

Today, I just bid farewell to my friend Kellie, who came up for a little overnighter. Due to my cold and lower energy level, we played it pretty mellow, chatting, watching tv, eating out, then spending about an hour at Barnes & Noble so we could sip coffee in peace while Blake played with the Thomas the Train set there. Since we were in the kids' book section, we were hunched on a tiny little bench, knees to our chins, butts numb - but Blake played well with others, it was low-key, and we enjoyed the company. Had to skip church today because my cold is such that I am pretty yucky in the morning, but feel better & better as the day winds on. We'll try to hit church tonight for the Thanksgiving service & pie social. There will be an open mike time of sharing what we are grateful for, and I plan to express my gratitude for my amazing church family:
  • For the occasional, off the cuff, "There's someone I think you should meet..."
  • For dinner and cabin weekend invitations
  • For crying with me if I get emotional during worship and they happen to see
  • For keeping an eye on my son during the hurly-burly after the service
  • For calling me to see if they can take Blake for a walk
  • For being people that understand, whether I really am blue, or having a laugh, or needing a stiff drink, or saying wildly inappropriate things
In short, I am so grateful for a church family that loves me, individually and as a whole. In fact, if we miss evening service tonight, I would imagine at least one person might call tomorrow or the next day to make sure we're ok or say that they missed us...not in a "I'm watching you," sort of way, but in a "Dang, I had really hoped to see you!" I love that.

Now, I'm off to make myself presentable for church so that my unkempt hair or dirty face are not used as reasons I shouldn't go...and I had a great weekend!

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