Saturday, December 15, 2007

guest blogger

I will post later today, I promise - there's lots I need to catch up on! However, for the moment, may I introduce Aubyn, my cousin, and guest blogger. Take it away, friend!

Howdy, I am Addie's guest blogger and guest for the weekend. I don't think she will require future guests to write on her blog, because no one but the extroverts would come over. he he. I appreciate normal-bloggers for making it look so easy. It is not.

One of my favorite things about reading other people's blogs is the comments people leave, especially about something controversial. Here is a topic for the meeting of the minds: Expecting non-Christians to act like Christians. Is it worse during the holidays? Have you heard someone say, "Christmas is just so commercial, and it's not about Jesus anymore."? I argue that non-christians have Santa and Christians have Jesus. You put the Jesus in it, and you are kidding yourself for thinking the mall would do it.
So now I will just sit back and let the comments roll in. I am hoping maybe people have some tricks on how to stay loving and non-judgmental - tips on how to stop expecting the godless to celebrate the Savior.


Joy Joy said...

So, Aubyn, here's a comment for you (because you are so good about leaving me comments!).
I think, Christian or not, one can be appropriately disgusted with the outright materialism of the holidays. I don't think it matters what your background is, being greedy and trampling people at Walmart for a Tickle-Me-Elmo is just plain gross. So, maybe instead of telling people they need Jesus, just encourage them to focus on what really matters in the season--friends, family, and all that gushy stuff. And, don't buy them presents this year, just tell them how much you love them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Joy, you are my first commentor ever!
I find myself with the same dilemma about Christmas presents, if the goal is to show people you care I wonder how got to be once a year through material items. And Christmas is not a reason to push Jesus. (seperate issue, maybe)

I also believe responibility is universal, along with respect. Respect for other people while shopping, responsibility while actually buying things, etc.
Man, this has got me thinking about values I believe to be exclusive to Christ. I love when things get me thinking!

I should also mention these thought came about from a comments I hear, "They are taking God out of the pledge of allegiance, when we need him the most." "There is no Jesus in Christmas anymore" While I think Jesus is for everyone, everyone is not for him.


Anonymous said...

sorry about the typo's. Im still a newbie.