Sunday, December 23, 2007

sleepy day

I woke up too late this morning to attend church, which was too bad. Mom thinks I would have liked it. The last three years I've attended the Faith Chapel Christmas Eve service, it's been more show than much else (in my opinion). I've already gotten in a little trouble for having such a low opinion of the service, but watching other people sing and/or perform skits doesn't put me in a worshipful frame of mind. It really feels like more of a Christmas extravaganza than church service, what with all the solos and performances. While I understand why (many people who would not otherwise darken the church door are in attendance, and making them sing songs with which they are not familiar may not be their idea of a good time), it's left a bad taste in my mouth before...and though I'm excellent at it, judging others, especially my church, isn't wise for me.

I guess they included the attendees more this year and sang half a dozen carols...which really would have appealed to me. Unfortunately, I take longer than twenty minutes to be presentable for church. Also, I've gotten so accustomed to the intimacy of a small (some would say "tiny") congregation in Bozeman that bigger churches feel cavernous. While I'll always consider Faith Chapel my church, I have different preferences in how I'd like to worship. I think that's ok. One of the things that FC does FAR AND AWAY better than any other church I've seen is their kids' ministry. I will always miss that, I think.

Anyway, the reason I couldn't drag my sorry butt out of bed in time was because I had a little Blakie in bed with me last night. Space necessitates that the twins sleep in the office, Reese & Matt get one bedroom, and little Blake and I (plus Lane, when she arrives) get the other bedroom. I didn't think it would be too bad - after all, I had really missed the little buddy this last week, and sleeping close to him seemed sweet. At one point (1:30? 3:00? 4:30?), I was flat on my back on the very far side of the bed, trying to avoid getting mangled in the washing machine agitator that kept chewing up the other side. Hand to God, my child tosses about every thirty minutes. Well, during my brief stint on my back, Blake very abruptly flipped his body around until his head was resting on my stomach, body perfectly perpendicular to mine. I petted his head for the brief half hour of peace, then moved out of the way as limbs went flying.

I woke up feeling hung over and gross. No bruises that I can see yet, but you bet your sweet ass that kid is sleeping on the floor tonight. Momma needs her beauty (and charm and sweetness) sleep!

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