Tuesday, December 4, 2007


We packed up Margie and Erin yesterday, after having them stay with us since Friday. What a great weekend! They got to enjoy way more of Blake than if they'd stayed at a hotel, and (thankfully) he was truly enjoyable all weekend. I asked much of him in regards to his attitude and schedule, and he rose to the occasion delightfully. If it were possible for him to have them more firmly wrapped around his finger, then he did so. He was mopey when they left, and has been telling me since yesterday morning that we need to go to Calgary, except that it sounds more like, "we nee go to Coggoly." I think he's under the impression that it's like going to auntie Reese's, and has no idea that it's an eight+ hour drive.

I've now got a Christmas tree up and decorated, and it's a dear little Charlie Brown guy. It's about six and a half feet tall and three feet around, so it looks like a bottle brush, but it's perfect for my space. Blake's transfixed by it, and I will try to post some pictures of him with it soon. He loves the lights and knows which switch turns them on and off, saying, "Oh, it's so pretty!" He's also enamored of the motorcycles provided by Grammie G, and has to take one everywhere: daycare, grocery store, church. I allow him this because it's distracted him from his need to wear his new Cars pajamas to all those places (these were provided by Grammie Monica). Thank you, Grammie G!

I leave for Las Vegas on Saturday, and I'm nowhere near ready. Tonight, I will paint my toenails, because it's a start. This whole spontaneous trip thing kind of freaks me out, but it's so exciting! I'm going to sign up for notifiers for cheap tickets to Calgary, Alexandria, and Minot (all to get closer to big Blake's family), as well as Maui, because what the hell? If the price is right...

Now, I'm going to geek up and fold laundry while watching reality tv...then drink tea and do my puzzle. Blake used to tease me about loving puzzles - something about "old lady" - but I never cared. I rock at puzzles, and it always feels good to do something you do really damn well...which may be why I also drink a lot of wine. My new fave is a port by Moscato d'Asti Nivole (about $13 at World Market) because it's so good, and a bottle lasts a while because it's sweet and too expensive to indulge too often. Yum!

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