Thursday, January 10, 2008

photo update

Our cute little tree, which looked like a bottle brush, and a crooked one at that.

See the wild child in a foreign environment...what we're witnessing here has never before been caught on film: a quiet moment of self-play. Moments after this shot was taken, the child tore the bricks off the fireplace and ate the rug.

"This present is for me? Are you sure, because I don't know...I'm scared?"

Happy little Commie

Blake and Grant, a cousin, of sorts. He's also a rock star...

...and was helpfully showing Blake how to be cool. Blake was thoroughly impressed and adoring.

Merry Christmas! Left to right: Smith, Reese, Matt, Mason, Lane, Scott, Monica, me, Blakie.


Anonymous said...

the twins in the last photo look like who's from whoville :)

Anonymous said...

In response to your "leave your comment-comment" I am laughing...the little things like not having a muffin top...who can't laugh at that!! And I miss Naomi too.