Saturday, January 19, 2008

salt lake city

Apparently, I have neglected to mention to many of you that I am leaving for a business trip very early on Monday morning, and I won't get back until Sunday evening. We're going to Salt Lake City for Outdoor Retailer, the biggest convention for outdoor recreation businesses in the country. I'm really excited - I'll get to meet folks I've previously only emailed or spoken to on the phone, I get to try on my hat as an editor (not sure what this will entail), I get to prowl the floor with Stephanie to find new fun items we should carry in the gear store...and she & I get Tuesday to ourselves.

IKEA, here we come!

I'm not really certain what to expect. I know Ryan is always completely wiped out afterwards because all our guys stay up until unholy hours, posting dispatches about the show to our site. I may end up being errand-girl extraordinaire, but I can do that. Apparently, there's custard involved.

Anyway, Margie is getting here tomorrow (pray for safe travels), and will be with little Blakie all week long. Pray for THAT too. They are by no means strangers, but she's very brave to jump into a full week in a town not her own, with a child she's had limited time with - I am nervous for both of them.

I'm sure she'll do fine, and whatever rules of my get casually ignored, well, I guess that's a Grammie's job (MY mother has certainly done her share of ignoring). Besides, she'll have to live with the consequences too, at least for a little bit! I'm currently making lists of likes/dislikes, fun places to visit (plus directions), meals, health instructions, etc. etc. There is A LOT to think about, but I'm super-grateful for her willingness to do this.

I'll have email and my phone, but it may be quiet on the blogging front for a while. If you JUST. CAN'T. STAND. IT...well, check out dooce. Or, check out our site: We upload stuff every day, and I'm not sure what my contribution could be, but there may be modeling involved. I hear some of the guys are bringing two-pieces, so I am bringing my HandyCam.

Should be a good time. I'm tired, getting everything prepped for it, but looking forward to whatever comes my way. Also, we are bringing our own wine. Never know what those Mormons might water down and try to pass off as alcohol - like they do with the beer. Sheesh - gotta keep your eyes on those ones, I'll tell you what. Sneaky.

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