Sunday, February 24, 2008

he gets that from me

"Here's what we're gonna do."

"I ree just so sorry, Momma."

"That sounds good...Tjabe's a nice boy."

"Mmmm, I LOVE my bed!"

"Mmmm, I LOVE corn!"

"I just ree so sirsty, Momma. I need some chocolate milk."

"I have a sore froat. I need some medicine."

"You don't spank me, Momma. You just need to be so gentle."

My little Blake is personality plus.


Anonymous said...

This is sounds just like our little lady. The minute she knows that a consequence is coming--she all of the sudden she is potty trained and needs to go--real bad, or is so tired she needs a nap, or is sick and needs medicine. How early the skill of manipulation is learned.

Anonymous said...

I think I didn't understand the post--that wasn't one conversation of Blake trying to avoid a spanking, was it?

Addie said...

Hi Becca!
Not really one conversation, but several of the comments ARE used in order to avoid discipline...just not necessarily all of them, nor in that order.