Friday, February 8, 2008


Thanks to those who have offered help - I will take it whenever and however you can give it.
Thanks to the friends of my folks who gave me a great big laugh last night. Apparently, they were discussing the grammatical uses of a particularly foul word, and, at a loss, decided to ask me, I think more for my grasp of English grammar than my grasp of four letter words (though I am equally good at both). It was the best assignment ever, and I was able to remember, search for, and pass on the transcript of a certain George Carlin routine that thoroughly answered their question.

Sometimes it's good to have a head full of useless information.
I started a growth group with church last night. It is a blessing to have one take place very near us, with childcare, and with a group of people I already enjoy. That sort of perfect storm has not happened for me yet, and I look forward to having meaningful conversation about eternal things.
Eternal things in the same post as a four letter word? I must be tired.
The other day, we were invited to go sledding with friends, after which we came home and had lunch together. Blake stops mid-sip of his hot chocolate, lets out a big sigh, and exclaims, "I love this day!"

Since then, he happily declares his love for many things:
"I love syrup!"
"I love Spiderman!"
"I love kikis!"

And when snuggling me?
"Mmmm, Momma, I missed you so much."
Even when we've spent the entire day together. I'm not sure why.
Last night, I fixed his CD from skipping ("Oh, Momma, it's broken. We have to throw it away?"), and once it got started, he gasped, grinned, and said, "Oh, thank you for fixing it, Momma!"

This kid makes me melt. He sings along to Regina Spektor with me, pretends to be Dora (or Diego) while I am Boots (or Alicia), sneaks into my room at night to sleep on the floor next to my bed, and blows his own nose - as in, notices he needs it, grabs a Kleenex, and takes care of it himself - he cries if I shovel the walk without him, declares "That's silly" about almost everything, hollers "Watch me, Momma - I making silly faces!" and calls our morning drink "sasmooties."

He would be starting his first job next week, but I don't think I could talk his boss into changing his diaper. That's really the only thing slowing him down.

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Momica said...

I'm coming, Blakester, have I got the trick for you to get ready for your new job. I love to read your stories and can't wait to see, hug and squeeze the sugar out of you!