Thursday, February 21, 2008

self-indulgent navel-gazing

Things of note:
I am experiencing the storm before the calm relating to work. Here are some details...
  • BPL is moving. Both the warehouse inventory (to San Fran) and the offices (to a different, more pleasant Bozeman location). Both are happening very, very soon, and the amount of effort I have to put into it is minimal compared to poor Ryan and Stephanie. Maybe once this is over, they can actually take a vacation. Like, to a drug-induced coma. For a month. I would miss them, and we may not recognize them after they get a semblance of rest.
  • I am training two gals to take over for me, as I get ready to transition into the promoted role of Managing Editor at BPL. Everything that we publish (online, print mag, books, etc) will flow through my fingers. Scary. Exciting. Hopefully not too many more hours per week.
  • My daycare is closing for good reasons that have nothing to do with the level of care provided by sweet Julie. The downside: I can't find many viable alternatives. I have until March 7. I'm not panicking too much, but it's definitely discouraging. I never wanted to have to utilize daycare or preschool, preferring instead to raise my kids myself. The fact that I even have the option of only doing it part time is amazing, but it doesn't change the fact that my circumstances are not what I had anticipated. Also, despite believing we were on a wait-list (makes me want to puke) for a preschool here for three months, I found out that the woman in charge never put our names down. Again, not too panicky, but definitely discouraged. And a little pissed off.
All this conspires to occupy a great chunk of my week, and I'm driven to distraction by such petty nuisances as feeding a very energetic boy something other than cereal and candy. Or cleaning house. Or bathing. The good news is that I remembered to get my oil changed today, and gymnastics is tomorrow. I also get to have a friend over for coffee in the afternoon. It's the little things that keep me the following, uttered by my son in the last two days:

"I making a mess!" said gleefully as he leaned into the dish full of powdered sugar and blew.
"You really amazing, Momma," after I leaned over to pick up the Kleenex I dropped (we both have a cold). I do what I can. Keep those standards low, darlin', and EVERYONE can be amazing.

We made cookies last night, the kind that are chocolate rolled in powdered sugar. Blake helped a little with making the dough, and I rolled them into balls and handed them to him for the crucial pow-pow step. We had a blast, even though he wanted me to wipe his hands after every one. The kid can make a mess, just DON'T LET IT TOUCH HIM.

I thought I had wiped down every lightly coated surface...until I caught him tonight, licking his finger and running it through the powdered sugar on the floor, then licking it off. Sure, sticky hands are a critical situation, but essentially licking an unwashed floor? Totally ok.

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Heather said...

Well, you are amazing - I'm glad little Blake recognizes! And, how cute are his quotes??? xoxoxo!