Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Ok, so I was gently reminded that, though I know those two best, I have more than just Hannah & Aubyn for cousins. There are LOTS more, and many have a number of kiddos, boys & girls.

I skewed the statistics to suit my own purpose. It's called "massaging the data." In my non-scientific case, it was more like "beating the data up."

Megan, Josh, Kelsey, Michelle, Jennifer, Chelsea, Michelle, Bethany, Michael, and Jamie: I'm sorry. Though upon closer examination...most of those are girls...and most of their kids are boys (I think).

Catherine and I took our boys on a walk the other day. In true birding style (Tjabe's dad runs bird watching tours), both had binoculars. They checked out lots of cool stuff, including the moon, which held still long enough to see through the lenses. Most birds, however, were too fast for them.

We see the moon!

Elementary, my dear Watson.

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