Tuesday, April 8, 2008


A few of the "reasons" I tried to use to figure out what was wrong with me:
  • It's still snowing, and spring is a cruel hoax perpetuated by people in warm climates.
  • I have mold in my crawl space.
  • I'm PMS-ing...all month long.
  • I'm overworked and overtired.
  • I have dry skin.
  • I have a son who wakes up with the energy of a triple Americano, while I wake up with the energy of one of his battery-powered toys that he keeps leaving on.
  • God had me on mute.
  • I don't have a plan for childcare after May.
  • I watch too much Law & Order.
  • I have to do too much laundry.
  • I ran out of ice cream/chocolate/anything else with refined sugar.
  • I ate too much ice cream/chocolate/everything else with refined sugar.
I don't think any of those sound too desperate. I'm nothing if not rational.

1 comment:

Molly said...

In the words of your highly rational son, "Welllll..."

Liz and I thought it was hilarious how he tried to reason his way out of things. Except that he never got much past, "Welllllll..."

It's an excellent starting point, but hopefully those smart-genes will some day lead to some less-fuzzy logic beyond the opening statement.

On a serious note, thanks for sharing your struggles and your higher points. As you know, God's in them both :)