Friday, May 23, 2008


"Mmm, I so cold. Can I stand on the warmy place?...I really love this - it's so soft."

"Warmy place" is his name for the heat vent in his room.

Leaving the garage:
"We got to say good-bye to Diego. Diego lives in the garage. BYE DIEGO!" while waving.

Driving down the street:
"Diego is on the sidewalk! He's riding his skateboard next to the car...HI DIEGO!"

Looking out the window:
"It's a beefull day."


Catherine said...

I'm convinced now that imaginary friends are cute :).

Anonymous said...

Karen's daughter Riley has been watching Sesame Street, and she will go up to the front door and say, "Hello A. (letter) A is here!"
oh kids.