Monday, June 30, 2008

kind of bossy

What he's saying (that I can make out) to Dad's puppy, Sam:

"You have to stay there, ok? But because you have to stay there, but because you have to do flap your ears, ok? But you-you-you could go in Papaw's yard or Papaw's shop, or you could climb on the fence and get out, or you just maybe get out and play and run around, or you could maybe play with my racecar jammies, but you can't play with my racecar jammies, but you can stay outside, ok? But you can stay on the (?), and the shovel, but you can't play on the (Lane's running the sink) but you can stay outside, but because you CAN'T. All you need to do is stay outside and poop outside."


Anonymous said...

Hey Addie!
Your little guy is very cute and so smart! It was great to see you at the reunion. I hope we can get together sometime in Bozeman. You are welcome to come to Teton Valley and stay with us if you ever get the chance.
Hope you are having a good week...happy 4th of July!
Emily (Morrison) Nichols

naomi said...

too cute! loved the "script" too, very helpful!

Kavys said...

Blake Samuel, you crack me up!! I love to see Sam the dog listening so well:). Love you Addie!
Sara and Sam

Reese said...

He is quite bossy but so darn cute that it's hard/impossible to fault him.