Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Getting my bank statement on the same day as I got the bulk of my big Boden clothing order was wretched.

I dutifully opened the bank statement first to see at a glance that there's been a drop of several thousand dollars in my accounts. My heart heavy, I opened the Boden boxes to find the clothing that I'd bought on sale was as cute as I thought.

The good news? The clothes all look great on, and I don't have to send any of this batch back (though I was wise enough to send back HALF the last order).
The bad news? Where the heck did all my money go? I don't live so large that thousands of dollars are expendable like that.

I looked harder and was mollified to see that the cash hemorrhaging was due to the current market doldrums, and only truly affected my long-term investments (think retirement accounts and Blake's college fund). Since I'm not planning to make withdrawals from those ANY time soon, they can fluctuate wildly now, since I know they will still grow over the long run. It was a relief to see that the loss was not due to identity theft or profligate spending on my part.

I do have some self control. And now I have an amazing bag (to save the planet and cut down on plastic grocery bags), nicely flattering tops (trying to dress like a grown-up), and shoes I plan to wear until leather espadrilles are no longer in style. The better news? Everything was AT LEAST 40% off. Self control is always better when accompanied by great fashion, don't you think?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Interesting how that works...my investment guy is still sitting back (as far as I know) anticipating things to drop even more before entering "the market." I guess prices have gone up more in the last two weeks on retail items than they have in the last 25 years...or so the news says.