Tuesday, July 29, 2008

first step of many

Here are some pictures of the fun we've been having. The first is our Fourth of July and the swim party Becca threw. I loved going through this set because it started with lots of spectacular fireworks pics, which are great colors on a black background...then moved to the candy-colored fun of a swim party with children coating almost every surface (for about eight women there, we had something like twenty kiddos).

Unfortunately, I had too many photos to use Flickr, so I'm sticking with my old standby of Snapfish...which requires that you log in to see the pics. Use the account I set up for my friends who didn't care to sign up themselves: email is adelemorstad at hotmail dot com (for those of you non-web-savvy folks, I typed my email like that to avoid getting an inordinate amount of spam from web spiders who search for email addresses...and I almost never use that account anymore) and the password is friends.

The second album is of Lane and Bing's wedding on Sunday evening. I got the entire ceremony on video, but I'm not sure yet how best to share that. What that means is that I do not have any photos of the ceremony itself (yet)...but pics of the day before, the "rehearsal" dinner, and the post-party. I captioned most of the pics, so check them out and read up. More to follow, but I need to sit on the couch and sip decaf. It's after 10:00 pm.

Oh, and please tell me if that link or log-in stuff doesn't work. I'll do...something.


naomi said...

everything looks great, looks so fun! great job!

Kate said...

Yeah for pictures! Lane looks gorgeous.

Molly said...

Looks like a wonderful time!

Yo' momma looks so good -- I love her dresses at the rehearsal dinner and the wedding!

Molly said...

btw, JR really likes Vimeo for video sharing - they do longer videos, less ads and have higher quality than YouTube typically does :) M

Lindsey K said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures...I love them all. I had a good laugh at the one of Meg and Joy loking at eachother, I think I could actually hear that conversation. :)