Monday, July 14, 2008

from the mouth of blake

Momma, I want a haircut. I need a haircut TONIGHT. I wanna be Spiderman.
A: "What do you want to say about the gummi worms?" (which he got for doing a great job during the haircut and nail trimming)
B: "I don't know. Um, what are you clicking? I say, 'Thank you, gummi worms!' Can I say that word? I think that was funny. Hey Mom? I want to watch a bideo. Mom, I want to watch a bideo."
A: "Do you want to say anything to the people who read my blog?"
B: "Thank you, people! People! People! Thank you, people! I Spiderman! Mom, I want to watch a bideo. Mom, I want to watch a bideo. Mom, I want to watch a bideo. Mom, I want to watch a bideo."
(a long explanation ensues as to a statement vs. a question and what requires an answer from me)
B: "Maybe I can say that word. Mom, may I please watch a bideo?"
A: "Yes, thank you for asking. Just one moment."
B: "I say that all right. That was a good word."
(kisses follow)
B: "Mom, I ree so love you....Mom, I thirsty."
A: "That's a statement. If you want me to answer, you need to ask me a question."
B: "Okay. Mom, can I please go open the fridge and get my milk so that I can drink it?"
A: "Yes, thank you for asking."

Miracles do happen. Not only did my son submit to haircut with an amazing lack of screaming and/or wrestling, but he ASKED for one. After ice cream, so he knew he wasn't getting any more of that. It was crazy and wonderful, so I let him pee in the yard and then run around it naked, him saying, "I nekky boy!"

We are a class act. I love shocking the neighbors. If they only knew his wide vocabulary skills, they'd be shocked all the more.


aubyn said...

Im trying to set up an account to stop being anonymous.

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Catherine said...

Now i know where Tjabe got his new saying, "I'm Spiderman!" (as he dives onto furniture)