Thursday, July 17, 2008

outwitting the dinosaur

I had my good friends Jon & Michele over for dinner not too long ago (okay, it's been at least a month), and Michele in particular is a bit smitten with Blake. She will tell you that she's not really a kid person, but she just cannot get enough of the little man B.

He was done with dinner, and we were not quite, but he was playing with Michele, handing her his "trumpet" (think a very thick version of a paper towel tube) and asking her to make animal noises. He got stuck on dinosaur, and Michele obligingly roared into the tube like a dinosaur many times (dinosaurs sound like aggressive elephants). Finally, because something loses its cuteness in the unending repetition forced upon you by toddlers, I told Blake to ask for a different animal.

A: "Honey, you need to choose a different animal for Michele. You can still make dinosaur noises, but it needs to be in your room."
B: "Okay. (turning to Michele) Can you please make a din- (cutting a look at me) you want to come play in my room?"

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