Thursday, August 21, 2008

missing you

I am bemoaning the very inconvenient fact that Molly is (to quote her) "offline until Friday night."


I have things! Things to say! Things to say about an inappropriate place! An inappropriate place I ENTERED YESTERDAY! Things to say about the things I found there... AND THEN BOUGHT!

Oh, Molly. I could use a good talk like you don't even know. I suppose offline doesn't necessarily mean you won't answer your phone, but it's past 10:00, and I only got hit with the chat urge now. Besides, I'm busily polishing off the bowl of caramel corn Blake and I made this afternoon, so my mouth would be full.

As it is, my fingers are sticky, and now I have to go wash my keyboard. And make myself a gin slush for drinking while I whoop it up in the kitchen.

That's right: it's pineapple jam time. Do I ever know how to party?! Once I get these four or five batches done, all I have left to do is about two hundred batches of chokecherry jelly. I'm not even joking.

Ok, a little bit.

One hundred fifty.


Gucci Mama said...

Could I be the only one burning with curiosity here?

Molly said...


btw, I was both offline and otherwise out of touch because I was at the cabin. And as I drove back in this morning, I could feel stress descending on me like a heavy, heavy blanket.

oh, and I was flat on my back with the flu on Tuesday and Wednesday. Throwing up for FOURTEEN hours. Straight. I feel like I have the most amazing ab muscles right now, but I can't say that it was worth it.

Looks like I have things to talk about,too. Appropriate things. JR's having friends over this evening and I already told him that I was going to be completely antisocial because I had work and de-stressing to do.

So call me.

Addie said...

I thought I made it clear when I mentioned the gin slush IN MY POST. Hello!