Monday, September 22, 2008


We got back from Calgary not two hours ago. Whew. We left about nine hours before. Our butts are officially quite numb. I did, however, get over halfway through a "Theology of Heaven" sermon series given to me years ago by a dear friend (thanks, Christi!), and it's a great refresher course on the hope that I have in Christ. I'm SO EXCITED about Heaven, mostly because it's going to be awesome and not at all boring - so many folks get it so wrong. I'll get into it more later this week/month.

I've unpacked all but a few new pieces of jewelry (yay!), which is nothing short of a miracle. In a stroke of genius, I plunked all of Blake's new toys down in front of him, then asked him if he could find new homes for them. I pointed out a few suggestions and let him go to town. Thirty minutes later, all his toys were unpacked and PUT AWAY.

Also, he made the bit from Great Falls to Bozeman in his own urine. If he can't be bothered to stop playing in McDonald's long enough to potty like a big boy, I can't be bothered to change him out of the mess he creates. Besides, his car seat cover needed to be washed. The "Best Momma Ever" awards will roll in any time now, I'm just sure of it.

So that's all I have left: laundry. There's not too much of it, and I left the house in good order, so I feel all nice and accomplished. I'm having a beer and going to climb into the bath for a real BATH, not just a sissy shower. The shit show officially starts tomorrow as I jump back into work after a three-day absence. Funny how a twenty-one-hour work week can feel so consuming.

We had such fun in Calgary, and I'll discuss it at length later (but this week, for sure). Right now, however, a steaming tub and loofah and yummy smelling candles are calling my name. I'll hopefully wrap up with an overdue marathon call to a special Spokane someone, then fall blissfully to sleep.

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