Friday, September 12, 2008

loving right now

Taking a page from Reese, here's a list of things I'm loving right now:

1. Ghost Brothers: Reach - Rob gave me this CD that's pretty much AWESOME, and while it won't make me stop listening to country, it's been on repeat since this morning. My favorite lines:
Trying to figure out what to say
to make her come away with me again
I say "Hey you, hello
You're really really beautiful
We can discover who we are
I'll take you every where I go
as long as you're always sitting in the front seat of my car."
These are the only words I have so far
and that's okay... she'll come anyway
2. This conversation, had last week in the early morning:

B: (as I lay down on his bed) "What's that smell?"
A: "Oh, my retainer gives me bad breath, and I haven't brushed my teeth yet. I'm sorry."
B: "Oh... well I just going to put this book right here (over my entire face) so I don't have to smell your breath."
A: (slightly muffled) "Thanks a lot."

3. Finding a fresh coconut at the store today!

4. Creating a new Arrested Development devotee and becoming an xkcd devotee.

5. Being almost done altering my gown for the ball tomorrow... just one more hem and adjusting the straps.

6. The quieting and encouraging effect of my devotional time today. God is so good!

7. Rediscovering my love of the whimsical and flowery language of L.M. Montgomery. Makes me wish I were less practical and more imaginative.

8. Knowing how to code html just enough to be better than dangerous (though not really THAT useful).

9. Three planned visits to Spokane.

10. Realizing that I'm not as crazy as I feared, and that a well-timed curse word doesn't negate my status as a God-fearing woman... but I'm afraid I blew past lady-like ages ago.


Anonymous said...

when are you headed for Spokane? yay! and are you coming to my parties? that from the worst RSVP-er ever

Hannah said...

Thanks for the HTML advice! You're going to have to post a ton of photos of the ball!