Wednesday, October 1, 2008

what are my intentions?

Blake drew me a picture at preschool last week! He's such a nice boy. In the picture, he gave me lipstick, as in "hot lips," as in whenever I put on lipstick, he asks, "Mom, do you got hot lips? Can I feel them?" Then I give him a kiss. I swear I didn't teach that (lipstick = hot lips) to him - maybe my mother did?

He also gave me jeans and reddish hair. I'm serious... it's pretty good for a three-year-old, but I am admittedly biased. He is next to me, smaller, and all in black: arms, legs, head, etc. Below him is a black creature. The teacher helpfully labeled everything: Blake, Mom, my cat.

Excuse me?

I asked him what it was, and he explained:

B: "Mom, that's just our cat, Olive."
A: "We don't have a cat."
B: "I know. We need to go to kitty store to buy one. And we will name him Olive."
A: "Olive?"
B: "Yeah! You know, the little round black things on pizza? Olive! I love Olive."
The other day, Blake was busily not napping while I was busily working. At one point, I came into his room for what would be the last time ("If I have to come in here again because you are not sleeping, I will have to discipline you.") and saw his Pull-Up on the floor.

I whipped the covers back to see that he had a fresh one on, so I asked, ticked, why he had taken the first one off. Then I picked it up. It was VERY wet. Mollified (he'd put a new on one, after all), I told him that Pull-Ups do not belong on the floor.

A, still annoyed: "Blake, why did you take your Pull-Up off and leave it there? Pull-Ups belong in the garbage." (pointing to the lidded garbage in the corner)
B, slightly worried: "Well, I didn't want to put it in there because it makes noise and then you'd come in here."

Um, well, that's true. He's so smart, it scares me.
I have weird neighbors. The ones immediately west of me (we share the kitchen wall) keep their A/C running ALL THE TIME. They had it going in April, when there was snow on the ground. They have it going when it's 65 F outside. They have it going at night, when it gets nice and cool. I'm not sure what's going on - marijuana operations keep it warm, right? - but I'm wondering if they don't have a meat locker over there.

The neighbors across the street have a condo that MIGHT be 500 square feet more than mine. 1500 square feet, possibly. They have a Great Dane, and she's beautiful and huge. They just got a puppy, a black Lab, and from the looks of this pup's feet and head, they will have two 100+ pound dogs in 1500 square feet. The amount of poop alone makes me faint, and does anyone else think that scenario is CRAZY?
Joy: thank you for the accountability! I did a brief cardio routine today, did my weights on Monday, and hope to go on a good walk or two while in Spokane this weekend. So I'm on track... and I haven't had any ice cream this week. Woo hoo!
After three and a half weeks apart, I get to see Rob this weekend (Blake and I are going there). I'm practically levitating with anticipation and excitement, and the friends who've encountered me recently have noted a visible difference in my countenance. It is nice to be unabashedly happy.


Momica said...

Addie, I am so happy for you. I hope you get off by 3:00am tomorrow so you can have a good start on the weekend. Enjoy the drive, the sun and beautiful weather, and of course that Rob guy. Love you dearly,

Anonymous said...

Hotlips, eh?? Sounds about right to me.


Anonymous said...


I am so excited for you! Does Rob have a brother or a friend that you want to hook me up with? :-) I really don't want to be a nun. He!


T said...

dearest one...

i'll be thinking of you and little blake on the trip there. i won't think about rob, cause i'm sure you'll think about him enough for the rest of us :) be safe. call (or blog) when you arrive and have lots of fun.

ps pictures would be nice. tee hee

naomi said...

all these stories made peter and i laugh, have fun in spokane! can't stop smiling for you!

Andrea said...

YES!! Pictures, lots and lots of pictures! :)

Have an amazing time friend, be safe and ENJOY him to bits. :)

T said...

oh and by the way...just so everyone knows, i am witness to the whole conversation about olive. i even have my own picture of olive (drawn with a pink highlighter but still...).

Hannah said...

I can't believe how clever Blake is. One time in 1st grade I learned to draw long blond pigtails. I then drew myself with pigtails for years because of my new drawing skill. I've never had long hair, much less pigtails.