Thursday, November 6, 2008

halloween pics

We couldn't go to the party, but I wanted to show Rob how ready I was for it. I sewed the buns out of two pairs of pantyhose, some fiber fill, and a headband. The skirt, shirt, and belt were pre-owned, and a friend loaned me a paintball gun. I was a big hit... to a small audience, sure, but a bit hit nonetheless.
"This IS my princess look."

Forget Obi-wan. I'm helping MYSELF.

"Do ya feel lucky, punk? Well? DO YA?"

"Oh, see, now I feel silly."

Blake's jack-o-lantern, which we carved with Jasmine. My battery died when I tried to get a picture of hers. Boo.

My topless fellas. Blake would get a running start, then jump onto Rob's shoulders with his knees. Repeatedly. Rob finally helped him go from kneeling to standing and assured me that he likes being used as a jungle gym. I'm glad, because this one is TOO FRAGILE for it any more.