Sunday, November 16, 2008

that's what they said

"This is my teacher. She helps me to find my things."
"This is my grandmother. I love her because she has lots of shirts."
-both on drawings Blake did at preschool.
C: "E losing half his blood made him the perfect running partner for me."
B: "Hey Mom? Princess Leia loves butterflies."
A: "She does?"
B: "Yes. Princess Leia loves them so much and she hugs them."
(During timeout, from his room)
B: "Mom? Do I have to stay in here?"
A: "YES."
B: "Then I going to clean up my room because it was so dirty this last year."
(Watching him aggressively pick his nose)
A: "You diggin' for treasure?"
B: (removing finger momentarily) "Yes. I digging for treasure. But I only finding boogers.
(going at it again)
Oop, look! There's a big one."


Addie said...

I would like to note that he then asked for a Kleenex.

Janelle Wilson said...

As long as he didn't eat it. Don't get me started on booger eating.