Monday, November 17, 2008

why don't i do more laundry?

Why do all my socks and unmentionables (panties!) gravitate to the corners of a fitted sheet in the dryer?

I fold laundry, thinking the sock monster has struck again, aided and abetted by a panty raider, then I shake out the king sized sheet and pelt all corners of the room with the missing items, wadded up and slightly damp.

Yes, it's late. No, I haven't been drinking. These are the things I think up and find too irresistible not to share. I can't help myself!

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Sharon said...

Happens to me too, Addie...and as for the disappearing socks, I will hold onto the one lone sock, hoping its mate will return one day, and often, it does. When I was having trouble with my dryer, I did find several lint and dust covered relics of past washings...