Sunday, December 14, 2008

just today

I wore my big Sorel boots to lead worship at church. They are enormous snow boots, perfectly practical, and I've had them since fifth or sixth grade (because my feet were almost this big back then). Because I was not nearly as practical then as I am now (please stop laughing - this is actually IMPROVEMENT), my mother graciously gussied them up with fuschia shoelaces, which I sport to this day. Singing Christmas carols at the front of church.
I went to a great cookie exchange and got a ton of fun varieties to nibble on. During my time there, I'm pretty sure I offended a handful of people with the one naughty swear word I used. I'm just grateful I limited it to one... but I wish I could not be so ornery and choose better words.

Rob and I were talking late last night as I baked up the cookies (of course, my contribution required hours of chilling, which meant I was almost done baking at 1:30, when I gave up and went to bed), and, as it was his turn to pray (we alternate), his prayer included something along the lines of "Dear God, please help Addie make wise choices tomorrow and come back with the best cookies there. And please help her to not eat them all before I get to Bozeman."
It is ridiculously cold here. Sixteen below, and I'm not sure it ever got above negative numbers at all today. Booger freeze weather, for lack of a better term. I'm not sure if the temp was the cause of this, but I got behind an older SUV today that was emitting tons of steam/exhaust, and the most unusual part was the smoke rings it was throwing off every few seconds.

Honest-to-goodness smoke rings from the exhaust pipe. I wonder if it can French inhale.
This isn't from today, but has been knocking around in my head since I read it in a book from Molly & JR:

"Too many think lightly of sin, and therefore think lightly of the Savior. He who has stood before his God, convicted and condemned, with the rope about his neck, is the man to weep for joy when he is pardoned, to hate the evil which has been forgiven him, and to live to the honour of the Redeemer by whose blood he has been cleansed." -Charles Spurgeon

This has been convicting me lately. I think all too lightly of my own sin, though, peculiarly, not too lightly of the sins of others.


I hate being a hypocrite.


Sharon said...

So, if the booger's freeze...the nose hairs don't stand a chance :) Still in the minus degrees here in Billings this Monday -- I'm layered even inside. Blessings on your week,

Lindsey K said...

1-I like the quote you shared, good stuff, 2-"Rob-Rob my heart throb" I laughed out loud...and then grinned from ear to ear.

Dana and Andrea Davenport said...

Ok, so it's only 17 low here tonight, but the wind chill alone makes you feel like each cotton-pickin' appendage is going to fall plumb off yer body.

I don't have room to talk do I? Yeah, I don't remember the Bozeman kind of cold apparently
"She will see it later Clark, her eyes are frozen."