Saturday, December 27, 2008

that's what he said

B: "Mom, is this a shirt?"
A: "Yes. It's not jammies - that's a shirt. You can wear it today."
B: "Because I'm bigger?"
A: "Sure."
B: "But you can't wear it until you're smaller or you'll get all haired up."
Blake LOVES Rob. He's ready for Rob to live in Bozeman with us and play with him all the time. I'm glad that he's such a fan now, because it will make him less likely to hold a grudge after Rob starts actual parenting and discipline. Blake's so enamored with Rob that he keeps trying to overcome my apparent disdain for R. in certain regards, such as the last three times he's said a variant of the following:

B: "Rob, where are you going to sleep?"
R: "Either on the couch or at A & L's. Is that okay with you?"
B: "Well, I think you should sleep in my mom's bed because it's safer."

Rob stayed at A & L's, but it's nice to know that him sharing my bed won't freak Blake out. Blake's tried this tactic (telling Rob to sleep in my bed) in Bozeman, Billings, and Spokane.
At Thanksgiving during garage church at the Schuylers (garage church: smoking cigars and drinking wine around the wood stove in the garage):
R: "Matt, Scott, I need you guys to keep a secret."
M & S: "You can't tell it to anyone safer. As soon as we leave the garage, we won't even remember what you said."

When they found out the secret (Rob was going to ask my dad for permission to marry me), both agreed they might actually remember that one.
B: (to Rob after bedtime) "You need to stop talking and laughing so loud, because if you have to come back in here again, I won't be very happy. I'm going to go to sleep now."
AB: "You know who that is shoveling snow out there? That's my daddy. That's Rob's daddy too! Grampa Cec is our daddy!"

(long pause)

B: "Who's your daddy?"

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Anonymous said...

Love you, miss hearing these bits of life in person. Life is surely an adventure. Sometimes that adventure is sooooo sweet.
Hugs, Meggie