Monday, February 16, 2009

holy pictures, ironman!




Either my face is okay,

or Blake's is. Not both at the same time.
We visited my old cat, Calvin, who I gave to a kind woman back before big Blake and I got married. Dawn, his new owner, called me a few months ago to let me know that he was still alive and invite us out to say hi. He didn't remember me and was sweet as ever, but we discovered that Blake is allergic to cats.
Grampa Steve came down before Christmas to see us in Billings. He and B are peas in a pod.

When Grammie asked Blake what he drew, he told her they were water drains. When Rob saw it, he wondered when Blake had seen the plumbing at his house in Spokane.

Shoveling with Dad or Papaw. I can't tell and I don't remember. I think it's Rob, though, because I remember him being impressed with my dad's bobcat (right, Mom?) fur hat.

Great-grammie with Maddox.

A: "Listen kid, I see you eyeballing my present. Don't you think you've had enough of your own?"
R: "Sweetheart, don't get territorial."

"Deluxe Scrabble... when shall we play so that I can beat you blind?"

Papaw, modeling Blake's coon hat. Blake, more interested in more presents.

Rob got the moose!

The carnage.

We made it to Spokane because God is good and Rob's a great driver. It snowed the whole way, there were three feet on the ground in Spokane, and we were relieved to get to a warm home and unwind. Here, Blake has discovered Aunt Bethany's iPhone with new and different games than Rob's (on the table).

Christmas morning: I gave my boys each a NERF shotgun. I'm not sure who was more excited.

The benefit of not always being behind the camera is that there are occasional photos of ME now.

Chris and Rob, getting ready for some dirty deed.

"And, pull!"
Rob actually got a suction cup dart stuck to the ceiling for a while.

A true child of the digital age, swiping Grampa Cec's laptop.

Rob was set on making a snow fort, but first he had to figure out how to get to the backyard.

Found the steps! He got the perimeter shoveled out, but no one else was as gung-ho on the fort idea... so it melted.

I gave my honey his second hair cut. I think he likes it.

Sorry, Bethany! This was the only pic I had that showed his full face. Blake was helping make frosting for our Christmas cookies, and the stool he was on tipped. He was coated in powdered sugar and none too pleased about it. The single tear track makes him look like a harlequin clown.

Snow pile outside Rob's driveway. No shrub or car under there: it's all snow.

Guess which one is MY Christmas cookie!!

Flying with Dad.

Picture before Rob headed back to Spokane.

Close up, where I cropped out my arm and tummy. I love digital photography.

Lane and Maddox came to visit the day after Rob left. Blake loves his little cousin and was gently kissing and petting him.

Rob left today for the "last" time before we get married. The next time he comes here will be to move here. Wahoo! The downside is that won't be until very late March or early April. I'm headed there twice to make up for the long absence, and he's busily getting it done on his house (so we can rent it) and his 4-Runner (so he can drive it).

Blake doesn't like it much when Rob leaves, and I admit I'm not a big fan either. I'm ready for him to be settled here and for the place to be less a temporary stop-over... not only because we'll be married and enjoying all that brings (heehee!), but because we'll find places for his stuff on the shelves and closets. There will be PERMANENCE to his being here. I can't wait.

Also, it's my birthday. I will now go zone out to America's Next Top Model, since I've sated you with this glut of photographic evidence of our existence. Wahoo!


Sharon said...

GREAT pictures, Addie!!! Hope your birthday brings you joy,

Dave said...

Happy Birthday Addie.
Dave and Laurie

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aubyn said...
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aubyn said...

Why? Sorry Addie, I don't know what happened to my comment. C'est la vie.