Wednesday, February 25, 2009

kind of tasty

Every year, once or twice a year, I get a head cold that settles in my throat and sinuses. It doesn't usually hurt or make me cough, but I sneeze like there's no tomorrow (Big Blake once compared my sneezes to his father's, to which I replied: "Don't compare ANYTHING about your bride to your father, no matter how wonderful he is."), and I often lose my voice. When I CAN speak, my voice is so low and throaty that I sound like a man, or at the very least, like Kathleen Turner.

My friend Catherine advised me to try something a mutual friend does: put a tablespoon of cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink. Do this once or twice per day, and it nips colds in the bud.

Well, I use vinegar in part of my discipline of little Blake. If he sasses me or argues a point, I tell him that when ugly things come out of his mouth, ugly things go back in (thanks, Keli!), and he has to swallow a small spoonful of white vinegar. I don't use soap because it's not designed to be consumed (vinegar is), and it's not easy to wash out of the mouth when the discipline is done (vinegar is).

As I begin to drink my cider vinegar water (which doesn't taste bad, but not really good - mostly interesting), Blake is flabbergasted. He wants to know what I said that was ugly, then wants to know why I'm drinking vinegar like that if I wasn't bad. He asks if the water makes it taste yummy, and I have him smell it. It smells like diluted cider vinegar, and he's still wildly curious, so I dip a finger in and have him taste it.

B: Mmm, that's yummy. Can I have a sip?
(I oblige.)
Ooh, I think that's kind of tasty. You know what, Mom?
A: What?
B: I kind of like you.

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