Friday, May 22, 2009

i thought I had control issues

I'm trying to give away two large items in Spokane. They wouldn't fit in the Dumpster or contain freon, so we couldn't toss them (anyone in the area interested in a working side-by-side refrigerator or a black metal futon frame?). I tried to sign up for the Freecycle network here, and they require approval from an administrator.

Approval requires that I read their extensive list of rules, email back a short Q&A, and wait for their yea or nay. It's been over twenty-four hours since I read the book, completed the open-book quiz, and I'm still waiting!

I don't really understand why a group that only has 1000 more members than my hometown group must take so long to decide to permit me to GIVE THINGS AWAY. For crying out loud...

I think they are running a background check.

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