Thursday, May 7, 2009

vinegar mouth

Even when comforting a friend, I dropped the F-bomb. I'm working on using archaic words ("jeepers," "gadzooks") to express myself, instead of swearing, but when a woman and her husband have to decide whether their twenty-one-weeks-along baby will be born to die now or in a few months, I think the F-bomb is warranted.

Please pray for these sweet friends. Their son has a brain stem, but that is about it. No brain, no skull, no chance outside the womb. Their hearts are breaking, and they have difficult decisions to make. One way or another, they and their three young daughters will be grieving the loss of a baby they love. Pray for wisdom, for comfort, and that God would make Himself known in this painful situation.


Molly said...

Oh, man. I'm so sorry to hear that. I have some friends who experienced something similar a couple of years ago -- they chose to carry the baby to full-term and it was incredible to watch them trusting God to turn "bitter" into "bittersweet."

We got a big time "fragility of life" reminder down here in Billings this morning, too. How is it possible that life can simultaneously dish up so much joy and so much pain?

Catherine said...

That's heartbreaking. I will pray for them. I can't even imagine the pain...