Monday, June 1, 2009

that's what he said

B: Hey, Mom?
A: Hey, Blake?
B: I need to give you some lovins.

M: We're glad Addie comes to Growth Group. Think of what her mouth would be like if she didn't!

I have a mid-level character in World of Warcraft. Yes, I do. Her name is Dieanna, and she's a hunter, which means she has a bow and arrow for when she has to pick fights. Despite the fact that she's an orc, Blake thinks she's beautiful and wants to be just like her, but a boy. A boy Dieanna... which worries me.

A: What do you want to call Grammie Joyce? Gma? Gigi? Oma?
B: How about Dieanna?
A: No, I meant a nickname, not a NEW name.
B: But Dieanna's a GREAT name!

B: Do you know what today is?
A: It's Mother's Day, when all moms get special lovins from their boys.
B: And from my dad?
A: Yes.
B: Because he's extra lovable.

A: Thank you for having faith in my sense of humor, which you often seem to find... questionable.
R: Well, yeah, but you're funny.

B: Mom! I have some flowers for you!
A: I love flowers!
B: They're green ones.
A: I love green ones!
B: And they smell like firebombs. Like firebombs and chocolate.

B2: How old do you think I am?
B: Four? No, five.

B: Milk makes me feel good. Milk makes me healthy.
A: Milk DOES make you -
B: And sugar.

A: (grabbing B's bottom) I got your biscuits!
B: No! My biscuits have a lock on them.
R: Well, Mom has a master key that unlocks your biscuits and MY biscuits.

B: Mom, did Dad get your biscuits?
A: Yes, he did.
B: (whispering conspiratorially) Well, I will give you lots more biscuits. I will give you HIS biscuits too.

B: (to the Sherfey family dog, Thrall, barking loudly outside) Now, Frall, you need to stop barking.

You need to be quiet because I need to go to sleep.

It's very late, and I don't want to get in trouble.

Now, Frall! BE QUIET!

B: Mom, are Chris and Rachel still at the hospital?
A: Yes, but they come home today.
B: Well, I want them to come home right now, cuz I want to see that baby.

Aislynn Fae was born 5/25/09 at 6:01 pm. She's lovely!

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