Tuesday, July 7, 2009

that's what he said

I came across an old sheet of paper with a few quotes written down. Apparently, these are from when Blake was about 2 or 2.5 years old.
  • (to Milo, a friend's cat) Whatchoo gonna eat?
  • (again to Milo, with arm slung over the cat's "shoulders") Milo, you my friend.
  • (taking up a check-out divider in Costco and playing it like a guitar) Waa-waa-waa, waa-waa-waa.
  • (as soon as the firework we were watching was done, looking up at me breathlessly) I get some more.
  • (calling from his crib to wake me) Mornin'! ...Momma? ...Where you are?
  • (after a spanking) I love you, honey.
A: Is it good?
B: No, it's not good.
A: Is it too hot?
B: No, it's warm.

Slightly more recently:
B: I want to listen to that one song, the one that Rob gave us this last week? Because I love it, it's the most beautifulest song today.

And more recently (as in yesterday-ish):
A: Are you going to sweep and mop Grammie and Papaw's floor?
B: No. I'm too small. I can't handle that.

B: (after being offered a variety of snacks) Grammie, can you please offer me something that I will choose and then I will eat it? Like fruit snacks or ice cream.

A: You're a good artist.
B: (not looking up) Yes, I'm an expert.

B: (under his breath) I need a job.
I need a job.
I need a job.
I need a job.
I need a job.
A: What?
B: Nothing. I was talking to myself.

A: (after B finally woke me up by snuggling, but after G had come into the room) Ok, are you ready for me to make you some oatmeal?
B: (cutting eyes over to G) Well, Grammie's really good at it...

B: Mom?! I love ya. You're so beautiful. You're lovely.

G: You're my little man.
B: I'm not a little man! I'm a big guy!

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