Friday, July 31, 2009

that's what he said

B: Mom, how does Daddy Blake come alive again?
A: Well, um, we have a lot to teach you about Jesus and Heaven, but when Jesus comes back, you'll meet Daddy Blake.
B: How will he get to our house?
A: Right now, he's in Heaven, so he won't come to our house, we'll go to Heaven.
B: And pick him up! And then we'll all get in the car and drive to our house.

(That wouldn't be awkward at all.)

B: Mom, can we listen to Woman King?
A: Sure! I'm really proud of you for remembering the name of the song you love.
B: Well, I'm an artist.

A: Did you know that it's Ellese's birthday on Sunday?!
B: Yep. I know.
A: What? Really? How did you know that?
B: Well, I'm an artist.

B: Mom, Dad got my black toy box dirty.
A: Oh, I think he sat on it last night after being in the crawl space. We can brush it off.
A: Ok. What should we do about it?
B: (leaning in conspiratorially) I think we should knock him into next week.
(running back to Dad's desk) Dad! I'm going to KNOCK YOU INTO NEXT WEEK!

Also of note, Blake's hit the "know-it-all" and "hot lava" phase of life. First, you cannot tell him ANYTHING he wasn't already aware of, and he's convinced that the source of his wisdom is due to the fact that he's an artist. Second, if you step on a crack incorrectly or if you are a bad guy, you will fall into the hot lava and die.

The "I know" response is increasingly irritating, which means I should probably stop using it on Rob. We're working on his attitude a lot these days, and while I appreciate that Blake doesn't throw loud tantrums, the quiet sulks with his head hung while he sits cross-legged on the floor facing away from you are really the same sin, different display. We're encouraging talking (not arguing) and trying to be patient, but there are definitely days I want to just quit with the verbal run around and skip straight to beating him and shoving him under the bed.

The "hot lava" brings back fond memories of my own near brushes with death on the playground at Rimrock Elementary. Go Rams!


Lonnie Smith said...

BTW do you think it coincidence that the hot lava talk starts shortly after Rob moved in? I think not!

kathleen. said...

I know everything too. but its because I study artists.

Gailzee said...

Addie, I am just cackling after reading this...I think you should get out more...take long walks, showers, whatever, but what ever you guys do stay the heck out of the hot lava! I knew an artist once, trust me, this is NOT the source of his information!