Thursday, October 22, 2009

sometimes being an editor is more in what you do NOT say or do

I have a rather thin skin at times. Criticize my parenting, and I can casually and effectively silence you by sharpening my tongue on your unwitting foolishness and think nothing of it. Pick at my personality, and I can shrug it off fairly easily, because I know me: I'm not for the faint of heart.

However, the author who mentioned - not to me directly, but in a forum attached to an article he wrote and therefore to the public - that his article was edited liberally and that he couldn't hear his "voice" as well as he'd intended had no idea that my dearest wish at that moment was to punch him hard in the neck.



T said...

omg i totally heard that line on wait wait and thought of you. ps i have an article for you to read MY FAVORITE EDITOR!!

Lindsey K said...

At least you wanted to punch him in the neck and not the balls.....isn't that progress?

Chris Wallace said...

She wanted to punch him in the balls. She just liberally edited this post before publishing it.