Saturday, October 10, 2009

that's what he said

A: I'm pretty cool.
B: No you're not.
B: You're amazing!

B: This isn't the way my mom does it. Can you please do it the way my mom does it?
R: Nope.

R: In spite of what I'd like to claim, we can control it. (regarding toots)

(upon waking from his nap)
B: Mom, can I have double snacks?
A: What does that mean?
B: That means two. (holding up two fingers in front of his sleepy eyes)

I made that awesome thing for you cuz you're fancy and have mad skills, like I do. And when you do fancy things, I will give you a prize!

A: Legos!
B: You get to play with me! But don't mix up what I built only for me. You can make your own awesome stuff, and I will help you built you something. Cuz I can built you something really hard. It's a lot harder than you might have guessed.
A: Welcome back from your nap.

Just cuz I'm a smart-thinkin' handsome kid!


Anonymous said...

I love that smart thinking handsome kid.


lanerdoo said...

Always good for a laugh. He is awesome like a super hero, comes by it honest.

Can't wait to shoot guns and kill things with you! Should we wear halloween costumes to make the pictures just a little bit more interesting? Think about it and get back to me.

Grammie Perrine said...

Two beautiful girls shooting guns and killing things... wow you guys know how to have fun.. Murder and Mayhem in Montana.

Anonymous said...

I taught them everything they know. Costumes sound most fun. Dead-eye -- How is Grammie (oops dead-eye) gonna corral one ankle biter and a super hero that weekend? A cute ankle biter though!