Thursday, October 15, 2009

that's what he said

(in regards to a question a cartoon bear asks the viewer)
R: Why didn't you help him?
B: Because I'm not in the T.V.

And he knows what to do.

A: Do you know how many hairs you have on your head?
B: Tons.
A: Jesus knows the EXACT number. Do you know how many that is?
B: Sixty-nine?
A: It’s probably more than sixty-nine.
B: Yeah. Seventy-nine.

B: You’re really good at that. (I was singing)
A: Thank you, Blake.
B: You’re also really beautiful.
A: Thank you, Blake, that’s very kind.

In case you hadn't noticed, my son's favorite number is sixty-nine. He wants sixty-nine brudders and sisters (owie!). He wants sixty-nine brownies for dessert. Any time he has to guess a number, that is the first one out of his mouth. I'm not sure why he's so fixated on it - it's certainly not something Rob and I joke slyly about (IT'S NOT!), so I'm guessing it's just one of the numbers they hit when counting at preschool that caught his fancy.

Also, to my great relief, he understands that the sixty-nine brudders and sisters he's requesting will not, in fact, be OLDER than he. I was worried he'd be disappointed when they started arriving too young to play Legos and Star Wars and Wolverine. I actually asked him whether he thought his brudders and sisters would be older or younger, and he thought a bit, then said they'd have to younger, because they have to be babies first.

Now how do I go about making two his favorite number?


lanerdoo said...

What a number to fixate on. He he he, I could say a lot of inappropriate things right now, but I will refrain. I love him... you and rob too.

Jenn Schneider said...

I think it will be ok for him to say it, but when he starts drawing it in his pre-school projects, you could be in trouble.

Rob Bedford said...

A & I come back inside from working in the garage:

B: You were gone, but I wasn't worried. Reese will come and pick me up.
R: Oh? Why's that.
B: Because I'm handsome.
R: Ah...