Wednesday, January 27, 2010

birthdays all around!

I got beautiful pearl earrings for my birthday (it's a big birthday - THREE-ZERO) from my folks this last weekend! Rob and I spent a great few days in Billings where we got to catch up with the friends at whose wedding we met, I didn't just end that tricky sentence with a preposition, and we had a group birthday party for me, B, and R. All our birthdays are within eleven days of each other, and it's Blake's golden birthday - five on the fifth - and my transition into a new decade that starts with three. Kind of a big deal, so I think the pearls are perfectly appropriate and just the right touch of grown-up.

But who are we kidding? I am SO not grown up. I still giggle at toots (well, depends on who and where and how much they offend my poor sensitive schnoz), I refuse to act my age except when feeling prim, and I can cavort with a sparkler JUST like a fairy princess.

Of course, I complain about my poor aching back afterward, so while I am not grown up per se, I am starting to realize that I am OLD. Blerg. Also, I am kind of grown up (case in point: I could write a sonnet about my label maker and how I love it so). How disappointing.

Off to organize my photos so I can get caught up with my scrapbooks. And then I'll get some cats and crochet a doily slipcover for the couch.


Janelle Wilson said...

Great job with that preposition! That sentence was like a birthday present to ME! Happy Day, Addie!

Unknown said...

Can I put in an order for a slipcover?

Gailzee said...

Addie! Happy 30th Birthday to you! Happy #5 for Blake and Happy Birthday to Rob!(when & what # I don't know!) I have been meaning to write for quite some time but I get so many interruptions at work that I gave it up! I just want you to know that I am a faithful follower and I have been praying for you guys...about the Spokane house, about the price, about the pink-eye, illnesses and your workouts! I am so proud of you and
I truly am a fan! Love and Blessings!

Chris Wallace said...

Holding back comment about pearl jewelry.

Grammie Perrine said...

Happy Days... PS I love sparklers too!

Rob Bedford said...

I could use a scarf.. reckon that doesn't fall under the crochet, but maybe do some knitting?