Monday, January 18, 2010

buggy jell-o and pseudoephedrine make my world go 'round

I love my family. Got to chat with my mother today, who had read most of my blog, but not this morning's post. When I wailed to her about my pink-eye, she laughed and tutted sympathetically, and said, "For Heaven's sake, don't post about that. People will wonder why God's giving you guys the stink eye."

Ahh, too late, Momica. I usually blog about something before I realize that it might be best not to, and I have at least a few friends whom I suspect of coolness towards me for such slips on my part.

And while it does feel like God's been flicking boogers at us, I have taken comfort in the small amount of pseudoephedrine I was able to buy. It dries boogies right up.

Joy: I couldn't get both the Mucinex AND the Sudafed. Montana's laws are such that to get both put me over the monthly maximum milligrams for pseudoephedrine because of stupid meth heads. So I got the Sudafed, and my whole face feels better. Thanks for the free tip!

We've had some visitors at the feeder lately:

Chickadee number one.

Chickadee number two! And I had to snap these through the kitchen window. Also, chickadees do not hold still. Ever.

Saw this little guy right after the pair flew off. I was surprisingly not filled with revulsion and the need to rain death upon its head. I am a sworn enemy of rodents, but this act of courage (coming out in the day) spoke to me of hard times on a little mousey tummy, and I was happy that he - and maybe his family - was getting fed. I was even happier that my crawlspace is mouse-tight and dotted with traps... just in case.

We revisited buggy Jell-O with the recent tonsillitis. These guys are pretty sanguine about being drowned in sugar water... imagine that!


Joy Joy said...

Addie- You should be able to buy just plain Mucinex (Guaifenesin) without Sudafed or Dextromethorphan added to it. It will really help loosen things up so your sinuses can drain. Also, drink 3-4 Liters of water per day, also to aid mucous drainage. :)

Grammie Perrine said...

Dear God - please explain the huge insect in the Jello... it is revolting.. tell me it is made of candy? YIKES!