Monday, January 11, 2010

"mom, this is not great news..."

Toilet water is one step above fecal matter when it comes to things I DO NOT WANT TO SEE ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR!!! No really! NOT EVER! I mean it this time!

And yet, due to the magic of an almost-five-year-old, I have gotten to see first one, then the other! On subsequent nights!

I suppose the upside is that the floor in there hasn't been so clean since it was installed. The downside is that I now have to burn the skin off my hands (and feet! and knees!) with carbolic acid. And burn some throw rugs and the odd article of clothing. It's just this thing I have, I don't know - maybe you share it?

I DON'T "TOUCH POOP" AND "DEAL WELL." Not at the same time, anyway.


Grammie Perrine said...

Stopped toilet, darling? EWWWW!

Gailzee said...

Addie, you can't ever be an Aquatics Director...poop is like a weekly event...somewhere! Of course, now I have my sweet underlings clean it up!

Lea said...
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