Saturday, June 12, 2010

but i can't talk about it

I have a lot to say. Little of it is about me right now, or at least is JUST about me. Enough is about others or involves others so that I have very little to say HERE. I like to think that just because you have the misfortune of knowing me shouldn't mean you should read about yourself here. Unless you're related to me. HAHA! Gotcha there!

Non-relatives: You're welcome. But I'm sorry for the rest of you, my avid readers. All ten of you (hi, mom!). This isn't my journal or anything like that, and YES, I learned that the hard way. I just don't have very much to say here right now.

Except that I make AWESOME jam and rhubarb is my new favorite and no one is coming to look at the condo so I'm getting lazy with the cleanliness and the snow earlier this week drove me nuts and I just want my flowers and fruits to bloom and flourish and maybe that means I will have to live in Hawaii or Billings instead of stupid Bozeman where it's winter ten months out of the year. Also, my kid is awfully cute and maybe I do have a post in me about that and all the crazy things that come out of his mouth.

Yep. I think I do.

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kfuhrman said...

Rhubarb is also one of my favorites...what is your jam recipe? All I have is a recipe for strawberry-rhubarb jam. Love ya!