Thursday, July 8, 2010

stupid flavor blasted goldfish...

There a few precursors before I share this little story:
  • It wasn't leather.
  • It was old.
  • I bought it quite large, but had moved to the smaller settings some time ago.
In order to use the facilities (ahem), I reached to unbuckle my belt and grasped... nothing.

I looked down and saw that I had broken it. The part that was buckled was still neatly buckled, except that the belt had torn clean through just past the hole. There they were, two ends of my belt, dangling slightly, waving at me.

Nothing makes you feel quite so svelte as having your tummy tear your belt in half.


lanerdoo said...

It was probably just worn out from having to cinch it tighter and tighter around your shrinking waist.

aubyn said...

That happens when you use your non-leather belt as a climbing harness. Snap snap snap-a-roo

Crystal Young said...

Try having your canvas directors chair rip down the middle of the seat while you are sitting on it. You know they reinforce the edges of those right?