Saturday, April 2, 2011

i could afford a house, but would no longer need one

Rob and I recently got around to getting him life insurance. During the process, we learned that he has rather high cholesterol - more than simply elevated. He's using this as a great reason to sign up for a gym and get active again. I'm using it as a reason to loudly proclaim that I know nothing about high cholesterol and how can it possibly be high?! His diet is (in my opinion) far improved since marriage and (in his opinion) simply more healthy, which does not equal better.

I deprive him of whole milk and deep fried foods. Someone should create a fundraiser for him and his sad puppydog eyes.

Anyway, we signed Rob up for life insurance and discovered that his new job offers some significant coverage already. When talking to the agent about cutting our additional life insurance in half, I told her it was because I didn't need the temptation of a $750,000 payout.

She didn't think it was as funny as Rob and I did.


Crystal Young said...

Some people have no sense of humor. I rented a house once where the woman told me about the lead paint disclosure. I said, "So what you are saying is, Don't Lick the Walls." I had to say it twice for her, it's just not as funny the second time. Timing is everything.

Chris Wallace said...

With the cholesterol thing, it may be genetic. Mine has never been high, even when I was eating delivery pizza 3-4x a week. It was definitely higher then, but still not outside the range the medical professionals like to see. Some people are just predisposed.