Wednesday, October 19, 2011

house update

Facing the north (that's the back porch beam) with interior walls raised.

The front porch beams in the sunset.

The roof going up (looking west, the small window on the left is the master bathroom).

View of the back porch.

Nearly the same view. Now there's siding, stain on the porch beams, a chimney.

From the corner, aimed at our front porch.

Prepped for sheetrock, insulated, blessings written. This is taken from the dining room,  looking through the living room towards the front door.

Also from the dining room, looking into the kitchen.

Some blessings and Blake's excited pronouncement (I get my own computer).

Rob's blessing, written over where our bed will be. I'm not sure he really means it. Or maybe I hope not...

A taste of what's to come. Paint's on!


Laurie said...

I am enjoying your pictures of your new house. I don't get to see very many of the houses that Matt builds, so keep posting those pictures. I am excited for you guys to be there before Christmas.

lanerdoo said...

WOWZA! Looking good there folks, the paint and stain look great. It is amazing how much it changes in just a week's time. I'm loving it!

gailzee said...

Hooray! Awesome! Exclamation points all around!!!!