Thursday, October 13, 2011

that's what he said

A: We need to call auntie Lane tomorrow. It's her birthday!
B: It is?
A: Yep, she's going to be 28 years old.
B: Wow.
A: Why do you say that?
B: Because it's so old.
A: Wow.

A: What was the best part of your day today?
B: School.
A: Really? I thought you didn't want to go to school! You tell me that every morning.
B: I love school! I just love you more and want to be with you all day.

"Don't interrupt."
The blessing Blake wrote on the wall next to his small desk, intended for his brother or sister.

"Ry's donuts... Keep going... That should do it."
The blessing my friend wrote across four studs in our pantry, intended for Rob, I'm sure.

M: You going to have enough furniture to fill this monster? (referring to the new house)
A: Not even close. Blake will probably have multiple rooms in which to turn cartwheels for a while.

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