Wednesday, November 2, 2011

an attitude of gratitude

Two friends have mentioned using their blogs/social media to give thanks for something each day of November (you know, in honor of THANKSgiving). It's early in the month yet, I'm only a day behind, so I'm jumping in.

November 1

I am grateful for the blissful extension of a real fall in Bozeman. Crisp nights have given way to sunny days that have a bite to them. We've been able to enjoy leaves actually changing color and falling off trees naturally, as opposed to what we've had in the past: a sharp frost so early that the green leaves simply went limp, then the trees seemed to disgustedly shudder them off to fall in sodden, sullen, moldy piles.

Blake will play out in our small common-area yard past dark, waiting to be called in for dinner while fighting imaginary monsters and bad guys. I only just threw away the last of the snapdragons and marigolds that had persistently held on thus far. Winter likes to come early and linger overlong, so a late fall is always welcome!

It's just an additional bonus that Blake's costume for Halloween didn't need to accommodate his winter coat. One year back in junior high, I went out as a cardboard box in the hopes it would keep me warmer. I piled on the layers underneath, wrote "This end up" in red lipliner on my forehead, and didn't really think arm holes through sufficiently. But boy, was I warm!

November 2

I am grateful for KitKats. There's a parent tax on all the good candy Blake brought home, and right now, I am enjoying a little break with some chocolatey wafer goodness. I don't tax the bad candy, but he got blessedly little of that this year, so I'm in clover!

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Noel said...

I really love your idea...yay for thankfulness!

Had a dream about you last night. I got to go back in time to your wedding to Rob...and it was on the 4th of July and you had decorated with flags. Yep. No accounting for taste in the land of dreams.