Monday, November 7, 2011

grateful for... being appreciated

November 7

R: You're pretty.
A: Thank you! I don't feel particularly so today. I'm kind of a wreck.
R: Well, your hair looks nice and polished, your make-up is artfully done...
A: (bewildered look) Uh...
R: (getting closer) Or fabulously minimal.
A: Yeah, it's just mascara and powder.
R: Well, it's like I've said, I'm consistently surprised at what a looker I got to marry. I still can't believe I got a pretty one that's smart too. Though sometimes I'm not so sure that "smart" is all that great. You got a mouth on you.
A: I love you too.

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gailzee said...

Rob you're sweet...and right about her being sassy!!