Friday, November 11, 2011

grateful for... tiny oranges

November 11

Today I am grateful for a few things, not least of which is a new friend volunteering to watch Blake while I ran errands, then refusing to take money for the hour or so she played vigorously with my son. During my time out, I grabbed a bag of satsumas, having recently discovered that the tart acidity helps to soothe my tummy. Then I saw a bag of potstickers and grabbed them too.

Are those Eggos in that Costco-sized box? No? Kirkland brand waffles? GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!

Then I beat a hasty retreat before more of the store found its way into my cart. Though I usually enjoy Costco samples, I had to hold my breath and hustle past them today.

I'm about to enjoy an orange now (third today! tummy soothed AND I will be quite regular!), along with a cup of tea and either something on the telly or a crossword.

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